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greater reward for less effort

We make you look better in the eyes of your guests, clients and attendees. We offer a far superior service than any other Private Transfer service based on The Sunshine Coast. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to managing the logistics of getting 4,500+ groups to and from airports every year. 

We own more vehicles than any other fleet, all of our vehicles are modern (less than 5 years old), each vehicle has cleaning kits installed, as well as handheld vacuums. The business owners (vehicle owners) clean their own fleet (of 10 vehicles) every shift before handing vehicles to drivers. Our drivers are under contract to show up to every pickup in a clean vehicle so our clients never transfer while sitting in another passengers mess. 

Every vehicle is tracked via Satelight better equipping our fleet manager (one of the owners) to oversee logistics of selling certainty (pre-booked private transfers) in an uncertain world where 13% of arriving flights are delayed, 20% of departing flights are delayed and 1.9% of flights are cancelled. Not to mention traffic congestion and accidents on the (at capacity) Bruce Highway to Brisbane Airport. 

We make it easier for Accommodation Managers, Travel Agents, AirBNB hosts, Concierges, Activities Operators, Business Owners, Event Organizers and Website Owners/Bloggers to be rewarded for offering guests, attendees and clients a smorgasbord of reliable, luxury private transfer services between Sunshine Coast Suburbs and Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane Airports and special events throughout South East Qld.

With or without you being caught in the middle of the transaction.  


online rewards

NeedARide.LIMO is Sunshine Coast Private Transfers rewards and loyalty program for both clients and referrers who book online from their client portal.

Reward members can book private transfers for themselves and others from a single client portal.  Reward members earn a percentage of each sale amount when booking a transfer online from within their client portal.

The percentage rate of points earned per dollar spent increases with the average daily sales total a member spends with us, starting at 10%, up to 20% (in 2.5% increments).

phone rewards

NeedARide.LIMO is Sunshine Coast Private Transfers rewards program for partners who want to refer us but don’t want to be caught in the middle

Do nothing but hand out cards with our number on them, and or add a tracking on your website

10% of every booking is added to your account by staff, redeemable against the cost of future transfers for you, VIPs and or friends/family/staff

offline method

You earn a 10% discount off your invoices

The old school method of calling (or emailing) to book transfers for guests, clients or attendees. 

You charge clients, guests and attendees retail rates. We send you an invoice with a 10% discount

For pre-approved partners only

channel managers

We can work with any existing booking platform used by Travel Wholesalers, Local & Global Travel Agents & Concierges globally selling inbound to The Sunshine Coast…as well as outbound from The Sunshine Coast. 

We are able to connect directly and easily to both wholesale & retail distribution channels, via our booking software.




Place referral links on any content relating to tourism in the south east qld to generate sales between $65:00 up to $1,000:00+ for group bookings in our minibuses. likewise special events attract thousands of revellers looking to pre book transport to and from venues week to week

Accommodation managers

Impress your guests with a cost efficient, easy and profitable way to provide ground transport to and from your accommodation, airports, Australia Zoo, Theme Parks, Special Events and restaurants


An efficient, time saving way to package airport transfers with your bookings. Improve your bottom line and set your listing apart with an innovative way to kick off a guests stay with a meet and greet at the airport for a private transfer right to your front door


Booking transfers via our member portal couldn’t be easier. No confirming availability, back and forth with clients, invoicing or accounting. Just book a transfer online, earn points you can use to redeem discounts on future transfers


A better way to get attendees to your events. A meet and greet at the airport followed by a private transfer directly to their accommodation puts them in a great mood to kick off their stay. Speak to us regarding packaging options that make sense for the way you manage your events


NeedARide.CLUB’s member portal is fully integrated with Sunshine Coast Private Transfers dispatch and scheduling system. Online quotes are therefore instant, online bookings are instantly confirmed and your businesses transfer data is all kept in one place

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