Sunny Coast Party Bus



Music: Connect your blue tooth and crank up the volume – 4 large BOSS speakers

Video Screens: Supply your own music videos on a thumb drive or DVD

7 Screens: Music videos play on 7 screens simultaneously

Phone Chargers: Phone charging ports on the isle seat of every row



No Trailer: 13 passenger seats hand luggage only

No Trailer: 9 passenger seats with back row folded down for checked luggage

With Trailer: 13 passenger seats with checked luggage in the luggage trailer


Remain Seated: It’s not illegal to party in a moving bus – it becomes illegal when passengers are not seated

Seat Belts Fastened: If you remain in your seats with seat belts fastened, police will not stop the party

User Pays: Up to $500 will be charged to your credit card for damage repair and or commercial cleaning fees (if excessive mess)

Party On: Turn up the volume, enjoy a drink… sing along and have


BOOK A CHARTER = One lump sum charged per hour, or per event. Hire includes the vehicles with a professional driver

BOOK A TRANSFER = One price per transfer from A to B (returns optional), charged per transfer

Payments: Pay online with a credit card, PayPal, or do a bank transfer (up to 48 hours before booking)

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