Start saving with Need A Ride Rewards

EARN POINTS BOOKING or referring private transfers to your social network today
Book Transfers
Your very own Private Driver network for booking ground transport for yourself, friends and family. Login to your client portal to access instant online quotes, pre book and pre schedule private transfers.

Select from a variety of different Ride Types and price points.

Availability is linked to our scheduling and inventory system, so your online booking is instantly confirmed.

track sales
You can share tracking and discount links with friends and family, for them to visit and book their own transfers, with you as the referrer.

Build discount links and vouchers using your points balance, offering friends and family discounts. Earn more points from the cash component of sales, generated from your links and vouchers.

report earnings
Use unique links and vouchers to track different promotional campaigns for different social networks by clicks, discounts claimed, bookings, sales and conversion rates.

Drill down to see the passenger you sold, the discounts they claimed and points you earned (per sale). 

rest easy
All passengers receive communication pertaining to transfers directly from us to ensure the utmost professionalism in delivering mistake free transfers.

Passengers emails see the net total they paid. reward partners receive another email breaking down the sale total, discounts deducted, subtotals and net balance.

Partners have access to transfer notes booked directly for friends and family via our partner portal…not bookings referred from links and vouchers.

Information includes guests flight numbers and times, pick up times, discounts claimed, vouchers used and payments made.

use points
Use your points to assign more discounts for yourself, friends and family.

Use points towards part or full payment of any other transfer you book.

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