Sunshine Coast Airport offers a variety of transport options to Noosa. Car rental is a popular option except for all the hassle most people who stay within walking distance to Hastings St, never leave Hastings Street. The Taxi Rank is also located just outside the terminal exit doors, and the Shuttle Bus service runs throughout The Sunshine Coast region between Caloundra and Noosa. There are a number of private car services on the Sunshine Coast for anyone wanting to travel in style. And there’s the public bus service that runs through the middle of the Sunshine Coast Airport with a bus stop right outside the terminal.


If it’s your first visit to Noosa in a while getting there can be a balancing act. You don’t want to put the thousands of dollars you are investing into your holiday at risk by booking a cheap ride that turns into a bad experience souring the start on your hard earned break. At the same time you want value for money because every dollar you save on transport you can spend on yourself and loved ones.

So which of these transport services provides the most bang for your buck. You might be surprised with what you learn in the table below.

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