Airports charge ridiculous money for parking these days. Sunshine Coast Private Transfers believe in offering clients (Brisbane International Airport Arrivals) a choice.

Rather than building the cost of airport parking into every transfer, Sunshine Coast Private Transfers excludes the cost of airport parking in our base price.

Instead, we offer the additional cost of drivers parking vehicles to walk inside where they meet clients (Brisbane International Airport Arrivals) as an extra.

This way clients who choose to pay for a meet and greet service receive one, those who don’t save themselves the cost of parking fees.

Our website prices therefor do not include meet and greet inside the terminal by default. Brisbane International Airport Arrivals can easily include meet and greet to their transfer with a single click (on our extra’s table) in the shopping cart.

Staff offer all phone bookings a choice (meet and greet, or a curbside pickup).

where do i meet my driver for A curbside pickup? 

Your driver will send you this text message immediately after your flight has landed, so make sure your phone is turned on:

[“Hi, Simon here your driver today. Reply to this message to let me know you have received my text. Once you are close to clearing customs let me know you are ready for me to head to the Ground Transport car park to pick you up. Turn left as you exit customs, walking past THE COFFEE CLUB, towards the exit doors at the Brisbane City end of the terminal. Walk down the ramp and wait at the bottom. Lookout for my white branded car…Rego # XXX XXX. See you soon”] 

Reply to your drivers text message when you have cleared customs and make your way to the GROUND TRANSPORT PARKING area following these instructions.

1. brisbane international airport arrivals – turn left out of customs

2. walk past the coffee club 

Turn left as you exit customs, walk past THE COFFEE CLUB, towards the Vodafone stand.

3. turn left at the vodafone stand 

As you walk past THE COFFEE CLUB you will see the Vodafone stand ahead, turn left at the Vodafone stand. Walk towards the exit doors at the Brisbane City end of the terminal.

4. head towards the exit door

The exit doors open at the top of a walk ramp down to the Ground Transport Parking Area (see gold arrow in the image below).

5. walk down the ramp to “OUR curbside pickup area”

Walk down the ramp towards the Ground Transport Parking area to the bottom of the ramp (see red arrow in the image below).

Wait at the bottom of the ramp for your driver to drive through (see the red square in the image below). 

6. look out for your driver 

Look out for your drivers REGO # (it was sent to you in their text message).

Your driver is driving one of the 9 vehicles in our fleet photo (below).

Your driver will drive in from the boom gates, around the cul-de-sac to pick you up. Then, with you and your traveling party onboard they will exit the same way (as per the gold arrows above).

7. whAT IF I DON’t Receive a Text Message from My Driver? 

If travelling outside office hours (7:00 am to 7:00 pm) you will have received an email with your drivers mobile phone number (the evening prior to being picked up).  

If you have not connected with your driver within 15 minutes of landing call them direct on their personal phone (only in an emergency).   

If you are travelling between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, call our office on 0450590281