Follow the steps below when executing a curbside pickup from Brisbane Domestic Terminal in the EXPRESS RIDE BOOKING pickup lane.

1. Park your vehicle at the BNE Service centre or in Ground Transports central parking area.

Brisbane Domestic Airport Pickup Instructions

Brisbane Domestic Airport Pickup Instructions

2. Track your incoming flight.

3.  When your flight lands send a text message to your client (thier mobile # is in the booking)

Your initial text message should go something like this;

Hey Ginger, Fred here your driver today. Reply to let me know your phone is on and that we are in contact.

4. If you do not receive a response from your initial text message, within 15 minutes of sending it, then call the client.

Your phone script should go something like this;

“Hey Ginger, Fred here your driver today… this is a courtesy call to confirm you received my text message.”

5. When you receive a reply or response send them a follow-up text message with curbside pickup instructions. Your second text message / instructions should go something like this;

“Hey Ginger.

Once you have your bags reply to this text letting me know and head outside the terminal, past The Coffee Club, over 2 pedestrian crossings & wait in the middle at the EXPRESS RIDE BOOKING pickup lane.

I will drive through within 5 -10 minutes…to the QANTAS/VIRGIN end.

Lookout for Rego XXX XXX

See you then. 

6. Wait for your client to message you with a nod to drive through and pick them up. All going well it takes 9 minutes to get from the service center to the express pickup lane.

7. Use your discretion and check Google maps to make sure there are no delays into the EXPRESS RIDE BOOKING pickup area. It takes clients a similar time (9 minutes) to get from their baggage carousel to the pickup zone. Leave the service center before they confirm they have their bags if needed.

Brisbane Domestic Terminal express pickup lane

As you drive into Alpinia Drive heading towards the public pickup area, get into the left lane and be ready to exit into Macleay Way (see diagram below).

If you continue straight ahead you end up in the public pickup area (see the black arrows in the image below).

The first exit to your left will be Erica Crt. This exit takes TAXIS to their pickup waiting bay (see the first set of red arrows in the image below).

The second exit to your left is Bribie Way. This takes TAXIS to their drop off zone (see the second set of red arrows in the image below).

Turn left at the 3rd exit MaCleay Way. This takes ground transport operators (YOU) to your pickup zone (follow the gold arrows in the image below).

As you drive along MaCleay Way you will see two boom gates represented by the yellow padlocks on the image below.

Our vehicles Govia / Linkdt tag gets you into both boom gates.

The boom gate straight ahead (represented by the bigger padlock in the image below) on Macleay Way lets you into the EXPRESS RIDE BOOKING pickup lane.

Express pickup lane rules;

  • Drivers must remain with their vehicles. No parking to meet & greet.
  • If your beeper shows you spent more than 10 minutes in the express lane you will be fined.
  • You must pick up your clients and be out again within 10 minutes (our beeper is charged in 10-minute increments).

The boom gate to the right (leading onto Fazer Way) lets you into the Ground Transport Operators domestic terminals parking area.

This is where you would park to go inside the terminal to perform a meet and greet, or if executing plan B for a curbside pickup (see below)…

We are charged in 45-minute intervals for meet and greet parking.


If your client has not replied to your text message or phone call within 15 minutes of you sending your first message this transfer becomes a meet and greet.

1. Drive straight over to Ground Transport.

2. Park your vehicle in the allocated parking area through the right boom gate (see gold arrows in the image above).

3. Walk into the domestic arrivals hall & stand at the baggage carousel that displays your clients flight number.

4. Hold up your name board with the client’s name on it just as you would if performing a client meet and greet.

5. All that matters now is that you recover the pickup by being at the baggage carousel before your client retrieves their bags and leaves the carousel

6. If you do not connect with your client call the office to let us know as they will call the office looking for you once they realise their phone is off.