sunshine coast private transfers professional drivers ~ parking instructions Brisbane airport

Firstly, congratulations on becoming the latest DRIVER on the Sunshine Coast Private Transfers driving roster. Sunshine Coast Private Transfers has a responsibility to ensure each of our drivers know exactly what Brisbane Airport Ground Transport expect of them. Furthermore, drivers need clarity when it comes to Brisbane Airport Ground Transport parking at both the Domestic and International Terminals. There are two different pickup types Sunshine Coast Private Transfers offer clients;

1. Traditional Meet and Greet

Where drivers park in the Ground Transport parking area and walk inside the International or Domestic Terminal to meet clients, holding a name board with our client’s name on it, then assisting with their luggage out to the vehicle before driving to their destination.

2. Express Lane, Curbside Pickups

Some clients don’t require a meet and greet service. They prefer to have drivers pick them up curbside at the Brisbane City end of the Brisbane Airport International Terminal.

Brisbane Airport Ground Transport Parking for Professional Drivers

Brisbane Airport provides controlled access to designated pre-booked passenger loading zones for Ground Transport operators at Brisbane Airport. These zones are controlled by an electronic tag system and boom gate on entry and exit. All vehicles are charged according to their length of stay in the GTO areas. This is achieved by reading the entry time of a vehicle, then the exit time and charging for the total time spent in the area based on the vehicle class. Time-based charging ensures all GTO operators utilise the pick-up areas efficiently and hence ensure fairness by providing sufficient access to all operators. It also allows the operator to stay in the area if necessary, rather than circling around and re-entering.

for gto’s

Brisbane Airport Ground Transport Operators park in one of two locations when waiting for their clients plane to land.

1.  Brisbane Airport Ground Transport Operators Central Parking Area (CPA)

The Central Parking Area is located on Nancy Bird Way and provides free parking for all licensed operators to park and wait for their passenger’s flight before proceeding to the pick-up area. Toilets, cafe and flight information boards are provided for use.

2. Brisbane Airport Service Centre

Drivers with Sunshine Coast Private Transfers usually wait at the Brisbane Airport Service Centre.

That said, if you have time to kill Brisbane Ground Transport Operators central parking area is a great place to park to sleep, especially if towing a trailer

Likewise, there is an Arrivals / Departures Board inside the Service Centre showing both arrival & departure times, in real time (usually a lot more reliable than flight apps).

Also, as a bonus The Coffee Club inside the Service Centre and the Domestic and International Terminals offer a very generous DRIVERS DISCOUNT on all orders… just ask the staff when ordering and point to your uniform.